Consumer Information

The federal Higher Education Act requires that designated information be provided to students and employees. This information is available through the links below.

Correspondence Courses

Correspondence courses offered - none

Percentage offered in last year - none

Financial Assistance Information

Contacts for information

Financial aid programs - description

NSLDS information disclosure

Procedures, eligibility requirements, criteria for selection and award

Rights and Responsibilities

Terms and conditions

Health and Safety Information

Clery Act reports (two)

Crime statistics

Daily crime log

Drug and alcohol abuse prevention

Emergency response and evacuation

Fire safety reports - student housing

  • not applicable

Missing person notification

Timely warning and emergency notification

  • link to come

Vaccination policy

Institutional Information

Academic programs and personnel

Accrediting bodies

Bookstore information

Constitution Day

Cost of attendance

Copyright policy

Disabled student services

GED program

  • link to come

Net price calculator

Refund policy

Student body diversity

Study abroad policy 

  • not applicable

Textbook information

Title IV - return of funds

Transfer of credit policy and articulation agreements

Verification policy

Voter registration form

  • link to come

Withdrawal requirements and procedures

Written arrangements

  • link to come

Institutional Outcomes

Completion and graduation rates

  • link to come

Completion and graduation rates for student athletes

  • link to come

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

  • link to come

Student Right to Know Act

  • link to come

Marketing Materials

Types of materials and examples - information to come

Online education

Faculty interaction

Programs offered at physical locations

Progams offered online

Student participation


College navigator

  • link to come

Dissemination - availability of employee

  • link to come

FERPA information

FERPA method of disclosure

  • notice sent annually with email confirming enrollment

Gainful employment disclosures

  • links to come

Health and safety exemption 

Information security


  • link to come

Teacher preparation report

  • link to come

Policies and Procedures

Academic Year Definition

  • link to come

Admission, readmission, institution and academic programs



  • two samples to come

Campus-based financial aid


Clock hour programs

  • link to come

Course Repeats

Credit Balance

Dependency overrides

  • link to come

Leave of absence

  • link to come 

Professional judgment

Recruiter compensation

  • not applicable 

Satisfactory academic progress

Title IV funds - awarding

Title IV funds - return of


Withdrawals, drop and add

Third Party Servicers

Financial aid - none

Marketing, recruitment or admissions - none

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